Women of Ubisoft

May 22, 202011 Min Read

Women of Ubisoft – Emmeline Biscay

Ubisoft’s Chief Data Officer discusses her 25 years at the company and highlights how data can inform creativity.

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May 15, 202012 Min Read

Women of Ubisoft – Coralie Zaza

Ubisoft’s music-licensing specialist discusses how her passion for music led her to working in videogames.

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March 27, 202011 Min Read

Women of Ubisoft - Sarrah El-Meddeb

Just Dance’s costume manager discusses combining fashion and games and the process for designing an outfit around a song.

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March 13, 20209 Min Read

Women of Ubisoft – Delphine Dosset

Ivory Tower brand director discusses her 23-year career, Ubisoft’s growth, and launching Prince of Perisa: Sands of Time.

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March 6, 202012 Min Read

Celebrating International Women’s Day and the Next Generation of Women In Games

Women of Ubisoft participants share their messages and advice to future women in games.

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February 21, 20207 Min Read

Women of Ubisoft – Tiphaine Boulangé

Ubisoft Film & Television Paris's marketing coordinator discusses the importance of representation in entertainment.

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February 7, 202012 Min Read

Women of Ubisoft – Nuha Alkadi

The Ubisoft Toronto narrative designer discusses being a woman of color, seeing herself in games, and how storytelling can influence players.

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January 24, 20207 Min Read

Women of Ubisoft – Olivia Forni

Ubisoft Bordeaux project coordinator shares her journey into the videogame industry.

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December 20, 20198 Min Read

Women of Ubisoft – Two Leaders on Attending the European Women in Tech Conference

Producing Community Director Vicky Lagarre and Studio Manager Rebecka Coutaz share their talks and experiences at the annual conference.

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December 6, 201910 Min Read

Women of Ubisoft - Andrée Cossette

Ubisoft Québec’s new managing director on founding a new studio, betting on people, and her vision for the future.

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