19 October 2022

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Brawlhalla-vania Epic Crossover Is Live Now

Brawlhalla-vania, the game's newest Epic Crossover, is here with two new crossover characters you'll be dying to try: Simon Belmont and Alucard. Created in collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment, Brawlhalla-vania also kicks off a new Crossover Event in which players can delve into Dracula's Castle in free-for-all matches, or into Inverted Dracula's Castle for 1v1 matches. They can also earn four new avatars and a Vampire Bat sidekick. All Brawlhalla-vania items, including the game mode and new maps, will be purchasable and playable after the event ends.

Simon Belmont, an Epic Crossover for Jhala, is a renowned vampire hunter from the 17th century, heir to the Vampire Killer whip. In Brawlhalla, he wields a Morning Star Sword and a Battle Axe, and his Signatures are:

Sword Signatures

  • Side Signature - After covering his weapon in fire, Simon leaps forward with a powerful, fiery attack.

  • Neutral Signature - Simon throws some Holy Water up into the sky, then strikes it with his Morning Star. This causes an explosion that sends enemies flying.

  • Down Signature - After briefly powering up with some fire, Simon lets loose a quick, hefty swing of his Morning Star to knock his opponents away.

Axe Signatures

  • Side Signature - Guided by the Ferryman across the Dead River, Simon moves to strike his opponents with his Battle Axe.

  • Neutral Signature - Simon swings his axe, jumps up, and unleashes a devastating attack with his Vampire Killer whip.

  • Down Signature - Simon spins in a circle and sweeps enemies away with this low, repeated swing of his axe.

Alucard is Dracula's son, and an Epic Crossover for Ezio. He hates his father's beliefs, and uses an iconic Sword and Ghost Familiar Orb to fight against the infamous vampire. In Brawlhalla, Alucard's Signatures are:

Orb Signatures

  • Side Signature - Alucard turns his Ghost Familiar into a fireball to send at his enemies. He then viciously swipes with his claws.

  • Neutral Signature - With the help of his Ghost Familiar, Alucard traps his opponents in a coffin before launching them into the night.

  • Down Signature - Alucard leaps up and transforms into his bat form. Then, after a brief flight, he swoops down to attack and transform back.

Sword Signatures

  • Side Signature - A quick slice with his sword leads to a follow up with his Heaven Sword. Alucard then unleashes his bat wings and blasts his enemies away.

  • Neutral Signature - After floating quickly up into the sky, Alucard slashes opponents with his Heaven Sword, then his own sword.

  • Down Signature - Alucard cloaks himself in his cape, then grabs his enemy and slams them onto the ground. This stuns them and makes them vulnerable to more attacks.

For more on Brawlhalla, check out its previous Epic Crossover with legendary fighters Ezio and Eivor, and stay tuned for more updates at the dedicated Ubisoft news hub.

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