26 April 2022

2 Min Read

rainbow six siege

Rainbow Six Siege Samurai-Inspired Rengoku Event Live Now

A celestial battle has broken out in Rainbow Six Siege as the limited-time Rengoku event transforms select Operators and introduces a new mode on a specially designed version of the Skyscraper map. Rengoku also introduces new cosmetic items in Rengoku Collection packs, which include uniforms, headgear, weapon skins, and portraits for the featured Operators. The event is live now across all platforms and will be available through May 17.

To host the Rengoku event, the Skyscraper map has been redesigned, and now sits above clouds, a fitting venue for the latest encounter in the eternal battle between the sun goddess and the storm god. Fighting for the sun are The Devoted: Twitch, Capitão, Zofia, Osa, and Fuze. On the side of the storm god are The Possessed: Kapkan, Bandit, Rook, Thunderbird, and Maestro. You can add their samurai-inspired looks to your cosmetic collection by unlocking Rengoku Collection packs through special event challenges, or by purchasing packs with Renown or R6 Credits. The Battlefield Spirit bundle is also available, granting a signature weapon skin, a universal attachment skin, a charm, and a background.

The limited-time game mode challenges players to take control of altars placed around the map. Claiming an activated altar will earn your team points towards victory, but the locations change every two minutes, so you’ll need to adapt quickly (the fast respawns should help). Every Operator can choose from three shotguns for their primary weapon, and two sidearm options for their secondary weapon. They are also equipped with kunai, which are special throwing knives that can have a big impact. If used with the primary gadget input, the kunai will kill opponents in one hit or destroy a large section of a wall. If used with the secondary gadget input, the kunai will unleash a special area effect such as fire, poison, stun, or knockback. You can get even more details on the official Rengoku event site.

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