8 December 2022

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Anno 1800 New World Rising DLC Out Now

New World Rising, the final DLC of Anno 1800’s fourth post-launch season, is out now – and as its name implies, it’s bringing an economic and industrial boom to the city-building game’s New World, with a new population tier, new islands to expand to, and a new trade-focused scenario mission. The expansion arrives alongside the Old Town Pack Cosmetic DLC, which lets players restyle their buildings with a medieval look reminiscent of earlier Anno games; and a free update that introduces a reworked construction menu, the ability to select and move multiple structures at once, a bigger New World map pool, and other quality-of-life improvements.

Among other additions, New World Rising – which can be accessed once players have 1,000 Obreros in their New World Session – adds more islands to the New World, including Mānola, the largest island, which comes with a special questline to build a hydroelectric dam. New World Rising also introduces new buildings, emergency-services upgrades, the ability to build the Grand Stadium monument (which hosts football tournaments), and the Artistas, a highly demanding new population tier who bring electricity and new production chains to the New World.

[UN] Anno 1800 New World Rising DLC Out Now - IMG - Stadium

New World Rising also introduces a new scenario mission, Pride and Peddlers, which puts players in control of Madame Kahina and reveals more about her past. The mission focuses on trading and exports, as Kahina works to save New World relics and discover lost treasures in the southern sea.

New World Rising is available now as part of Anno 1800’s Season 4 Pass or as a separate purchase on PC via the Ubisoft Store, the Epic Games Store, and Steam*, and is included with a Ubisoft+ subscription. (The Old Town Pack is not included with the Season 4 Pass, and is available as a separate purchase.) For more on Anno 1800, check out the official site at anno-union.com, and visit our dedicated news hub.

*Beginning at 9:00AM PT/6:00PM CET on December 8.