June 17, 2020

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The Division 2 State of the Game Recap: Title Update 10 Live, Raid 2 Coming June 30

The Division 2’s Title Update 10 is now live, bringing new buffs and balancing adjustments to the battle for New York and Washington, DC. With Associate Creative Director Yannick Banchereau and Senior Game Designer Nikki Kuppens on board, this week’s State of the Game livestream took a look not only at what’s new, but also at what’s ahead for Season 2 and Raid 2. Some highlights:

  • Title Update 10 brings some changes to the ways in which loot drops, which Kuppens was on hand to clarify.
  • Season 2, titled Keener’s Legacy, begins on June 23, bringing new activities and rewards for Warlords of New York players.
  • Raid 2, Operation Iron Horse, will open on June 30, and a new Race to World First competition will begin for players vying to be the first to complete it on each platform.

State of the Game streams on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube. To find out what was covered in the last episode, make sure to check out the previous State of the Game Recap.


Maintenance was performed yesterday.

The Division 1 Global Event update:

  • This is still under development.


  • Blinder Firefly's cooldown being delayed after applying its effects is unintended, and will be fixed.
  • Merciless/Ruthless is currently not gaining stacks correctly when used with Negotiator's Dilemma.
  • Negotiator's Dilemma is still doing incorrect (lower than intended) damage against marked targets in PvP.
  • Increased rifle base ammo capacity by 50%, from 280 to 420 – this change was intended for TU10, but does not work properly yet.
  • Vanguard talent duration changes – UI will still show the old duration, but will be fixed in a later update.


  • The developers are happy to see Agents jumping back into The Division 2 following Title Update 10, and hope players enjoy the changes.
  • Players are encouraged to submit feedback about Title Update 10 via the forums.
  • A future update (10.1) will implement some things that didn’t make it into TU10.

The ability to purchase the Season 2 Pass has been temporarily disabled.

  • A bug was granting all Premium Track rewards to players who purchased it.
  • Because Season 2 hasn’t started yet, the game was applying players’ Season 1 level to the Season 2 Pass, and granting rewards accordingly.
  • The Season Level error was also causing new Exotics – the Vile mask and Mantis sniper rifle – to be unintentionally available in loot drops. Once their Season Level is corrected, players will need to level up through the Season Track to unlock the Vile and Mantis at their respective levels, after which they’ll be available in Targeted Loot, general loot pools, and Exotic Caches.
  • Affected players will keep the rewards, as this issue is not their fault.
  • The team will keep players updated, via the official forums, on when the pass will be purchasable again.


  • Random loot crates do not necessarily scale while playing in Heroic global difficulty, so players may still find purple items, unless they’re playing Heroic missions or living-world activities.
  • The Regulus revolver, another new Raid-exclusive Exotic, is tied to a new crafting quest that is guaranteed to yield a Regulus once completed. Along the way, players will collect blueprints for the new Raid gear sets.
  • Loot dropped by bounties in the open world will now scale with the global difficulty and the player’s level. (Any containers players encounter while pursuing bounties are still open-world containers, and won’t necessarily scale with the global or bounty difficulty.)


  • Season 2 starts next week, June 23.
  • Season 2 will introduce 12 weeks of new in-game activities and rewards, including new Leagues and Global Events.
  • Players can earn rewards by advancing their Season Level, with a free track and Premium Track available.
  • A new Apparel Event, Phoenix Down, is coming as well.
  • The first new Manhunt target will also become available when Season 2 begins.
  • Double XP for a week starting June 23.

The Season 2 Premium Track is available for 1,000 credits.

  • The Premium Track offers extra rewards and cosmetics, as well as a new project that offers extra Season XP.
  • Season 2’s activities, events, and non-Premium Track rewards are still free for all owners of Warlords of New York.
  • The Season 1 Pass was included in the purchase of the Warlords of New York expansion.


  • Releases on June 30
  • Level 40 version available at 6 PM CEST/6 AM PT
  • Level 30 version will be available the following week.
  • Discovery mode is coming later.

Race to World First competition

  • The first teams of players to finish Operation Iron Horse on each platform will be immortalized in the White House for all players on their respective platform.
  • The Race to World First will begin with a pre-show streaming on twitch.tv/thedivisiongame at 3 PM UTC/8 AM PT on June 30, with a showcase by some of the developers behind Operation Iron Horse, before it opens for everyone.
  • Twitch Drops include a new mask and backpack trophy. To be eligible, link your account at drops-register.ubi.com.


  • Regulus – Exotic pistol
  • The Ravenous – Exotic double-barreled rifle
  • Foundry’s Bulwark – Gear Set (Chest and Backpack pieces)
  • Future Initiative – Gear Set (Chest and Backpack pieces)
  • New collectibles and commendations

More information regarding both the Raid and the World’s First competition is available on thedivisiongame.com.

The Division 2 is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and is included in a UPLAY+ subscription. For more The Division 2, check out our previous coverage.

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