May 28, 2021

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Accessibility Spotlight: Far Cry 6

When you arrive in Far Cry 6’s island nation of Yara on
October 7, you’ll be greeted with the most extensive set of options seen in a
Far Cry game. But it’s not just about the sheer number of options, it’s about
how they’re organized. The team wants to introduce more presets than any other
Ubisoft game before it, to make those options more manageable by grouping them

“Our goal with presets was to make it easy for players to customize the game,”
says Ivan Kulbych, lead game designer at Ubisoft Kyiv. “Everyone has different
gaming habits, needs, and preferences, but not everyone wants to spend a lot of
time in game options.”

Below, you’ll find a complete list of these presets (and how you can change them
to your liking), along with all of the other options presented to first-time
users, including controls, gameplay, HUD and UI, audio, video, and Tobii eye
tracker support.


To keep the many customization options manageable, the game presents a short
list of settings when first launching the game, including shortcuts to quickly
change groups of related settings at once.

Menu Narration can be enabled with one button press, and the prompt to do so
is automatically read aloud when first reaching the menu. The system narrator is
used, and players can switch between installed narration voices for the selected

Presets enable players to activate multiple settings with one click. Any of
these presets can be used in combination:

  • Motion Preset reduces camera shake and controller vibration, disables
    motion blur and poisoned/drunken effects, and turns off reticle sway when
    aiming a sniper rifle.

  • Color Preset enables an alternative color palette for UI elements that
    players can further customize in the options menu.

  • Cognitive Preset activates aim assistance, reduces camera shake,
    increases UI and font size, turns repeated button presses to single presses,
    reduces controller vibration and differences in loudness of sounds,
    increases subtitle background contrast, and enables speaker names in
    subtitles, as well as subtitles for important player character barks.

  • Motor Preset strengthens aim assistance, reduces camera shake and
    disables controller vibration, turns repeated button presses and holds to
    single presses or toggles, and remaps controls away from stick presses.

  • Hearing Preset enables sound effect captions with an on-screen pointer,
    adjusts the volume to help speech stand out, enables color-coded speaker
    names in subtitles and subtitles for player character barks.

  • Vision Preset strengthens aim assistance, reduces distracting camera
    effects, increases UI and font size, subtitle size and background contrast,
    outlines enemies and items in the game, and enables menu narration.

Players can activate or deactivate these presets in the options menu at any
time, as well as adjust individual settings in the settings menu using the
preset as a starting point. Some players may choose to use the presets, and
others may not, so the first-time user experience flow also enables players to
fine-tune other commonly used settings, including:

  • Brightness Adjustment and HDR settings.

  • Audio volume and language settings.

  • Subtitles, with configurable subtitle size.

  • Sound Subtitles with directional pointer to indicate where the sound
    came from.

  • Outlining Options for enemies and items.

  • UI and Font Scaling option to increase the size of HUD and menu

  • Motion Effects Toggles including options to disable motion blur, reduce
    camera shake, and disable “drunk” or “poisoned” screen effects.

  • Control Options to replace repeated presses or holds with single
    presses, invert controls, and configure aiming and sprinting.

Furthermore, visual settings are presented with an example image, so players can
see the effect immediately. More granular customization settings are available
from the options menu, before entering play.


Far Cry 6 supports extensive controller remapping on both console and PC,
and players can configure different mappings to use on foot, when driving
different vehicles, navigating menus, or playing minigames.

Any game or menu action can be assigned to any button or stick direction on
press, hold, double-press, or by combining two different inputs at the same time
(eg. holding two buttons together).

Control Presets give easy access to common control combinations, without
needing to remap each control individually. All of these presets can be enabled
simultaneously. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)

Options include:

  • Left-Handed controls, swapping left/right triggers, bumpers, and sticks.

  • One-Handed Layouts combine movement and look controls, and map the most
    important actions to one side of the controller (left or right).

  • No Presses Mode remaps any functions from stick presses elsewhere,
    across all game actions and menus.

  • Holdless Mode remaps any button holds to toggles.

Other control options include:

  • Button Holds and Toggles can also be controlled individually for actions
    like crouching, aiming, sprinting, and accessing the weapon wheel. (Motor,
    Cognitive, Vision)

  • Menu Navigation works with both a free cursor or directional inputs
    snapping to the next option automatically. (Motor, Cognitive)

  • Combine Move and Look places the controls for both move and look are on
    a single stick. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Inversion can be applied to either the horizontal or vertical axes, and
    the setting can be tailored individually for first- and third-person views,
    or for each different vehicle type. (Motor, Cognitive)

  • Controller Vibration / Haptic Feedback can be adjusted for intensity.
    (Motor, Cognitive)

  • Stick Responsiveness enables tuning the incline needed to reach 100% on
    both the left and right sticks, reducing muscle strain to incline stick.
    (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Sprint with Stick Incline automatically triggers sprinting when pushing
    the stick all the way. (Motor, Cognitive)

  • Swap Move and Look While Aiming exchanges the sticks used for character
    and camera movement when aiming down sights. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Sensitivity can be adjusted for camera movement in different gameplay
    situations, vehicle steering, as well as the speed of zoom when using the
    phone or mortar. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Unlock Mouse Cursor enables moving the mouse cursor during gameplay,
    which can help when using on-screen keyboards. (Motor)


  • Auto-Change Seat enables players to automatically switch to the driver
    seat when it’s free. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Auto-Steering/Shooter Mode automatically steers to follow the road when
    the player is shooting from the driver seat. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Driving & Shooting Aim Assist automatically targets enemies when the
    player aims while driving. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)


  • Game Difficulty adjusts how much damage the player takes and how quickly
    they recover health. Two difficulty modes are available: Story Mode and
    Action Mode. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Aiming Assists help players get and keep their reticle on-target. This
    is enabled by default on gamepads. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Lock-On Aim keeps the reticle locked on-target for a controllable
    duration. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Repeated Button Presses in a QTE can be replaced with a single press.

  • Gamepad Aim Lock enables players to follow locked enemies when aiming at
    them. Aim lock and duration can be customized. (Motor, Vision)

  • Reticle Sway enables players to stop the reticle from wandering when
    aiming with a sniper rifle. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Photo Mode Close On Damage takes the player out of photo mode when they
    take damage. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)


  • Camera Shakes enables players to disable any repeated camera shakes
    during gameplay. (Motion Sickness, Headaches, Vision)

  • Full Screen Effects Options enable players to disable effects that may
    cause motion sickness (drunk, poisoned, etc.). (Motion Sickness, Headaches,

  • Motion Blur enables players to disable motion blur to decrease motion
    sickness. (Motion Sickness, Headaches, Vision)


  • Chat Wheel contains a set of commands for co-op play. Selecting a
    command will cause it to be displayed in the HUD for both players and voiced
    by player’s character. (Hearing, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Friendly Fire enables or disables damage from co-op partner. (Hearing,
    Cognitive, Vision, Motor)

HUD and UI

  • Enemy Outline increases enemy visibility by adding a orange outline to
    their bodies. Players can also customize the outline color. (Vision,

  • Loot outline increases loot visibility by adding white outline to
    objects the player can collect. Players can also customize the outline
    color. (Vision, Cognitive)

  • Reticle Options adjust the reticle position, thickness, and color for
    greater view when aiming. (Vision, Cognitive)

  • UI and Fonts Scaling enables increased font sizes in menus and HUD and
    enlarges some HUD elements. (Vision, Cognitive)


  • Color Customization enables players to change the color of HUD and
    gameplay elements, including the color of enemies’ laser sights and roads on
    the map. Players can use a palette to select a suitable color for groups of
    elements, or for each element individually. A preset palette is also
    available to address most common color vision barriers. (Vision, Cognitive)


  • Auto Drive Indicators give visual feedback that auto-drive is active.
    (Vision, Cognitive)

  • GPS Feedback enables or disables the in-game display of route guidance
    to destinations selected on the map. (Vision, Cognitive)

  • On-Screen Controls enable permanent display of on-screen control
    prompts. (Vision, Cognitive)


HUD Toggles enable showing or hiding many different pieces of on-screen
information, including:

  • Objectives describing current mission goals (which can also be collapsed
    and expanded with an in-game shortcut).

  • Icons for allies, enemies, co-op partner, locations, and voice chat

  • Interaction Prompts and Outlining of interaction target.

  • Weapon Indicators and Available Abilities can be toggled individually.

  • Health, Damage, and Detection Feedback can be toggled individually.

  • Effects impacting the player character, like temporary buffs from gear

  • Rank progress notifications.

  • Nearby Activity and Challenge notifications.

  • Items Collected, with individual settings for high-impact and common

  • Minimap and Tactical View showing co-op partner’s gameplay.

  • Aiming Reticle can be hidden to use weapons’ built-in sights instead.

  • Location and Character Discoveries can be toggled on or off.

  • Network Status Changes when temporarily disconnected.

  • Tutorial Messages can be toggled on or off.

  • Presets enable players to quickly toggle all HUD icons and notifications
    on or off (Vision, Cognitive)


We received positive feedback from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community
regarding Far Cry New Dawn, and we built on this foundation for Far Cry 6,
adding extra polish for features like sound subtitles.


  • Voice Communication can be toggled between always-on, always-off, and
    push-to-talk modes. (Hearing, Cognitive)

  • Voice Chat Volume controls the loudness of the co-op partner’s speech.
    (Hearing, Cognitive)

  • Speech-to-Text enables automatic translation of the co-op partner’s
    speech into text in the HUD. (Vision, Cognitive)


  • Voice-Over players can enable voice-over in any menu by pressing on
    Right Stick. Doing this will enable narration for every UI element hovered
    over with the cursor. Players can also customize the narrator voice, speed
    of reading, and volume. (Hearing, Cognitive, Vision)


  • Audio Dynamic Range adjusts the amplitude between loudest and quietest
    sounds, including a night mode to minimize spikes in loudness. (Hearing,
    Cognitive, Vision)

  • Expanded Volume Options enables players to separately customize volumes
    for four sound categories: radio, dialogue, score, and sound effects
    (Hearing, Cognitive, Vision)


  • Subtitles and Closed Captions are now enabled by default and contain
    closed captions for dialogue to reflect character expressions. (Hearing,
    Cognitive Vision)

  • Subtitle Size and Background can be configured, with small, medium, and
    large font sizes, and an opaque black background, semitransparent
    background, or no background. (Hearing, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Names in Subtitles displays speaker names for all subtitle lines.
    Players can enable color-coding of speaker names to reflect who is speaking:
    friendly, enemy, or mission NPC. (Hearing, Cognitive, Vision)

  • Sound Subtitles display captions for important gameplay sounds
    on-screen, along with a pointer showing the direction of and distance to
    that sound. (Hearing, Cognitive, Vision)


  • Framerate Lock enables players to set a maximum framerate cap.

  • Field of View Scaling adjusts the horizontal field of view in degrees,
    which can be helpful for playing with multi-monitor setups or reducing
    motion sickness. (Motion)

  • HDR enables high-dynamic range video output, with controls for peak
    brightness and paper white level. (Cognitive, Vision)


  • Extended View and Extended View While Aiming enables players to
    rotate camera with head rotation.

  • Aim at Gaze enables players to enter aiming mode in the direction player
    is looking when pressing the aim key/button, automatically aiming at closest
    priority targets.

  • Phone Camera on Gaze enables players to open phone camera in a direction
    of gaze when phone camera button is pressed.

  • Direct Amigos at Gaze enables players to command your “Amigos” by
    looking at a target location or enemy and pressing the “Direct Amigo”

  • Eye vs Head Tracking Ratio enables players to customize how much of
    their input is performed with head vs. eye movement.

  • Eye Tracking Responsiveness and Head Tracking Sensitivity enables
    players to set tracking sensitivity to a comfortable level.

Far Cry 6 will release on October 7 worldwide on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One,
PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Amazon Luna, and for Windows PC
exclusively on both the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store. The game will
also be available on Ubisoft+*, Ubisoft’s subscription service.

* $14.99 per month. Cancel anytime. The Ultimate Edition will be available as
part of a Ubisoft+ subscription. More information at

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