30 March 2023

1 Min Read

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Splinter Cell Dragonfire Novel Out Today

Splinter Cell Dragonfire, the latest novel in the Sam Fisher saga, is now available worldwide. Following the events of the Splinter Cell Firewall novel and podcast, Sam Fisher departs on a mission to North Korea, but nothing goes according to plan. Betrayed, alone, and hunted, Sam has no choice but to unravel a murderous conspiracy if he wants to make it out alive. Meanwhile, his estranged daughter Sarah coordinates an unsanctioned rescue mission to extract Sam from North Korea - if she can get there in time.

The book is published by Aconyte Books and written by James Swallow, an award-winning writer and author of the Marc Dane thrillers. He also writes for AAA games, having worked on titles like Ghost Recon Wildlands and The Division 2.

Splinter Cell Dragonfire is available today worldwide. For more on the Splinter Cell franchise, check out the 20-year retrospective, listen to the Splinter Cell Firewall podcast, and stay tuned to Ubisoft News for more updates.