August 20, 20192 Min Read

Big Sale on Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Far Cry New Dawn and More

Save up to 90% off games at the Ubisoft Store through August 27 in celebration of Gamescom

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July 25, 201915 Min Read

Watch Dogs: Legion’s Clint Hocking Discusses Creative Direction, Personal Growth, and Game Leaks

Creative director Clint Hocking shares his journey from juggling three roles to trusting and learning from his fellow directors.

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June 21, 20199 Min Read

E3 2019 – 9 Big Announcements From Ubisoft’s E3

Catch up on Watch Dogs: Legion, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Uplay+, and everything else Ubisoft revealed at the show.

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June 18, 201912 Min Read

Watch Dogs: Legion – Hands-On With DedSec Recruitment, Spiderbot Hacking, And A Living London

Three editors try recruiting a resistance and wreaking havoc on the streets of near-future London in the E3 2019 demo.

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June 10, 20194 Min Read

Watch Dogs: Legion – Liberate London As Anyone This March – E3 2019

Play as any character and build a resistance as you fight to free the city from near-future authoritarian forces.

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June 10, 20199 Min Read

Watch Dogs: Legion – Hack, Fight, and Sneak As Anyone To Take Back London – E3 2019

The next entry in the open-world hacking franchise lets you recruit and play as anyone in a dystopian near-future London.

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June 29, 20173 Min Read

Watch Dogs 2 - 4-Player Party Mode Coming in Latest Free Title Update on July 4

Since launch, Watch Dogs 2 has received over five major free updates in addition to three sets of DLC, bringing new missions, weapons, outfits, vehicles, map locations, and online modes.

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December 21, 20162 Min Read

Watch Dogs 2 - T-Bone Content Bundle Out Now

The first paid DLC for Watch Dogs 2 arrives today on PS4, delivering a small but significant injection of new, T-Bone-themed content aimed at experienced players.

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December 9, 20162 Min Read

Watch Dogs 2 - T-Bone Content Bundle Launch Update

Watch Dogs 2's 1.06 title update has just been released across all platforms.

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October 18, 20164 Min Read

Watch Dogs 2 PC Specs and System Requirements Revealed

The Watch Dogs 2 development team has released official specs for the PC version of the game.

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