August 27, 20193 Min Read

Ghost Recon Breakpoint PC Specs Revealed

Find out the best way to play Ghost Recon Breakpoint on PC when the game launches on October 4.

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August 22, 201911 Min Read

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Building A World That Tells Its Own Stories

Lead Environment Artist Benoit Martinez explains how Auroa’s designers created a vast, detailed world of multi-layered mystery.

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August 19, 20195 Min Read

Ghost Recon Breakpoint PVP Brings a Twist to Ghost War

Four-on-four PVP skirmishes will let you play as your custom Ghost while switching up the action to keep players on their toes.

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August 14, 20196 Min Read

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – How A Real Operator Helped Ghosts Look the Part

Find out what it takes to make the in-game Ghosts look and behave like real special-ops commandos.

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August 13, 20197 Min Read

Savor the Summer with 5 Last-Minute Ubisoft Vacation Destinations

The long summer days may be waning, but there’s still time for an epic videogame vacation in the open worlds and fantastical realms of Ubisoft games. Here are some of our favorite destinations!

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August 6, 20197 Min Read

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – How Centuries of Conflict Shaped Auroa

The Auroa archipelago is immense, meticulously detailed, and filled with layers of mystery to discover. Find out what you’ll be able to explore as the Ghosts battle their former comrades, the Wolves.

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July 17, 20196 Min Read

Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Adds Deadly New Mercenaries Mode

Scavenge for weapons and gear, seek out intel, and outmanuever other players and Unidad troops to be the first one on the escape chopper in a free new PvPvE challenge.

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June 21, 20198 Min Read

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Q&A With Creative Director Eric Couzian

Learn more about what drones, dangerous terrain, and freedom of choice add to the open world of Auroa.

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June 21, 20199 Min Read

E3 2019 – 9 Big Announcements From Ubisoft’s E3

Catch up on Watch Dogs: Legion, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Uplay+, and everything else Ubisoft revealed at the show.

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June 10, 20198 Min Read

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – How to Survive Where Everything Wants You Dead – E3 2019

Hands-on reveals treacherous terrain, new human enemy types, and deadly new drones – as well as the skills and tools to overcome them all.

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